Three CEL MSc. candidates have graduated

Congratulations to Danni Harper, Liza Tsitrin, And Mathieu Grégoire for successfully defending their theses (via teleconference while sheltering at home) and graduating with Master of Science in Biology. The lab is sad to lose them, but we wish them all successes in their endeavors.



Congratulations to Jessie Lilly for obtaining her MSc.

Jessie is moving on to Edinburgh to pursue a PhD, she will be working with salmon. We will miss her, and wish her the very best.



Coastal Ecology Lab in Charlottetown PEI for Fish Surgery Course

Left to right: Erica Porter, Montana McLean, Lindsay Carroll, Liza Tsitrin, Jessie Lilly.



Congratulations to Honour's student Sarah Stewart

Sarah's talk "Running on Empty: Determining the Presence of Feeding Behaviour in Anadromous Alewife (A. pseudoharengus) at Jolicure Lake, NB" won 2nd place for oral presentations at the Science Atlantic Environment Conference at St. Francis Xavier University in Antigonish, Nova Scotia!

Coastal Ecology Lab at Fishermen and Science Research Society 26th Annual Conference

4 Members of the Coastal Ecology Team presented posters at the Fishermen and Science Research Society 26th Annual Conference. Left to right: Honours Student Anna Murphy, M.Sc. Candidate Jessie Lilly, M.Sc. Candidate Danni Harper, and M.Sc. Candidate Liza Tsitrin.




Montana McLean presents at 2019 Canadian Conference for Fisheries Research

Montana's presentation, "Immediate Behavioural and physiological Response from Catch-and-release of Wild White Sturgeon (Acipenser transmontanus)" was given to the Applying Physiology to Conservation and Fisheries Management symposium.




Congratulations to Colin Buhariwalla. M.Sc.

Colin (seen here submitting his thesis to Graduate Student secretary Theresa Starratt) has completed his Master's of Science in biology.




M.Sc. Candidate Liza Tsitrin wins best poster at 2018 Marine Renewable Energies Conference

M.Sc. Candidates  Jessie Lilly and Liza Tsitrin gave presentations at the 2018 Halifax conference.