In the News

2019: Chronicle herald, "Tagging Sheds Light on Atlantic Bluefin Tunas Time in Gulf of St. Lawrence";



2019: Cape Breton Post, "Local Commercial Fishermen in Port Hood Area Played Integral Role in Bluefin Tuna Project";


2018: CBC, "New Bras d'Or research program guided by traditional knowledge";


2018: The Star, "New Nova Scotia fish study sees indigenous partners leading the way.";


 2018: Dalhousie News, "First Nations take the reins in new ecosystem study.";


2015: Global News, "Team of scientists monitor New Brunswick fishways.";


2014: The Chronicle Herald, "Dead Scots Bay sturgeon spark scientific study"; read the story here.

2013: The Chronicle Herald, "Scientists working on better design for fishways.";

2012: The Chronicle Herald, "Acadia University research on trail of sturgeon"; read the story here.

2012: The Casket, "Cooperation requested with trout tracking"; read the story here.

2011: Nunatsiaq Online: "Arctic char: a wily species full of surprises"; follow this link.

2011: The Guardian, "Government sings its own praise"; read the story here.

2011: Radio-Canada International "The Link".

2011: The Globe and Mail: "Expanded Catch and Release Fishery to Lure Tourists to PEI".

2011: Outdoor Life Magazine: "Catch and Release Survival Rates Could Open More Tuna Fishing"; read the story here.

2011: "Study shows far fewer catch and release tuna die; may lead to more sports fishing in PEI"

2011: Global BC, Canadian Press, C&R study: "Tuna tourism a Potential Industry for Islanders".

2011: C&R study CBC: "Tuna Catch and Release Could Expand"; read the story here.

2011: CBC Radio News, Charlottetown, Tuna News

2011: CBC Morning show, Charlottetown, Tuna Study

2011: C&R in The Guardian: "Fishermen Bank on Tuna Catch and Release"; read the story here.

2011: Speaking at the PEIFA AGM; read the story here.

2010: Bluefin tuna, DFO website; follow this link.

2010: Bluefin tuna, Chronicle Herald.

2010: Canada Research Chair, Press Release; read it here.

2008: Northern News Service, "Char-Tracker tags fish in Frobisher Bay"; read it here

2008: CBC News, "Scientists go high-tech to track Arctic char in Frobisher Bay"; follow this link


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